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Hey guys...

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Leo... :-(

Hey man give me a call and we'll see what I can do to fix the poor bastard.

NOT LEO NOOOOOO. but alas all need a break now and then. hopefully we will see you on again if inis can work his magic on your machine and you also gotta take a picture of the marbolo box chair if you ever make it.

Inis, unless you have another mobo and another processor, it isn't getting fixed. Though I did find a nice deal on newegg for a mobo and processor combo deal for like 120$ including shipping. So fixing it won't be nearly as bad as I was thinking. I don't have that kind of cash just floating about, but I do have a B-day in about 2 months, so who knows.

Become a professional zombie hunter!  I'll put a $20 bounty on your first kill.  Five more and you're in the house.


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