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Application Format
« on: August 23, 2007, 10:22:24 AM »
Please fill out the application below when applying to Bloodsworn.

Also when filling out an application please take the time to really show us why we would want you on our roster.  Spelling errors, "leet" speak, etc might seem cool but generally show a lack of the maturity we are looking for in new recruits.  An application that looks like it only took a few minutes to fill out does not make the kind of impression that will get you noticed.

The title of your topic should be Character Name level Class - Spec. For example: Reypaw 85 Warrior - Protection

  • In-Game Name:
  • In-Game Class:
  • In-Game Level:
  • Previous Raiding experience:
  • List/Link current gear:
  • Please list your top 2 gear upgrades and why they are valuable:
  • Why did you choose your class? What are your class' strengths and weaknesses? :
  • Explain briefly the reasons behind your current gear choices.  And why you have selected your current talent build:
  • For DPS and Tanking classes: What is your normal rotation/ priority list during a boss fight? :
  • What are your favorite websites/spreadsheets for theorycrafting and raid strategies? :
  • Please link any combatlog parses, World of Logs, etc:
  • Previous Guilds and reasons for leaving:
  • Why you are applying to Bloodsworn:
  • Comments:
Please read the instructions that are found at the top of this post before submitting your application.  Thank you.
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