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Jhazmon. Holy Priest
« on: September 03, 2008, 04:53:21 AM »
In-Game Name: Jhazmon
In-Game Class: Priest
In-Game Level: 70
Real Name: Adam
Real Age: 18
Are you able to make our raiding schedule? [M, W, Th, Sun -> 7:45-12:00] :Yes
Attunement to Hyjal (Do you have your Vashj/ Kael vial): Not on my priest. I have Vahj's vial on my druid tho.

Previous Raiding experience: Everything up to Archi in Hyjal, Teron, Akama, Supremus and HWN in BT, with my druid.

List/Link current gear:

Upgrades Available Outside of 25man Raids: ZA gear is pretty hot.

Why did you choose your class? What are your class' strengths and weaknesses? :Ive been playin my priest for 2 years. I made it solo'ly so I could MC horde into the lava pit in Black Rock Mountain. They started it. :)

Explain briefly the reasons behind your current gear choices.  And why you have selected your current talent build: I've only pvped on my priest, Pve'ed on my druid which im looking to retire to play my priest more. Id drop CoH for the spirit buff for raids. but CoH is a must in so many fights i had to get  it.

What are your favorite websites/spreadsheets for theorycrafting and raid strategies? : ofcourse.

Previous Guilds and reasons for leaving: Tantalus. Its just me and some friends.

Why you are applying to Bloodsworn: I'd Like to start raiding again.

Comments: Im lackin the PvE gear right now but im sportin an Alchy stone which makes up for my low MP5. I've been playing for a while and im one of the better players u will run into. Gear wont take long to get. Thx