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Chungfu - Warlock 21/40 Destro
« on: August 25, 2008, 01:00:42 AM »
# In-Game Name: Chungfu
# In-Game Class: Warlock
# In-Game Level: 70
# Real Name: Derrick C
# Real Age: 25
# Are you able to make our raiding schedule? [M, W, Th, Sun -> 7:45-12:00] : yes
# Attunement to Hyjal (Do you have your Vashj/ Kael vial): No... current guild has attempted Vashj

# Previous Raiding experience: everything up to Bloodboil, minus Vashj, Kael

# List/Link current gear:

# Upgrades Available Outside of 25man Raids: Hex Shrunken head, Hood of Hexing

# Why did you choose your class? What are your class' strengths and weaknesses? : I've always been a fan of casters... my roommate got me into the game and he was a mage and thus has suggested i choose a different class:).... strengths is mainly ranged and high dps and weaknesses, well cloth wearer...

# Explain briefly the reasons behind your current gear choices.  And why you have selected your current talent build: 21/40 is the best DPS talent build for a lock... my gear choices are mainly due to being the best gear i currently have to obtain the best all around dps...

# For DPS classes: What is your normal dps rotation during a boss fight? : curse and spam bolts (typically)

# What are your favorite websites/spreadsheets for theorycrafting and raid strategies? : love the warlock's den... leulier's spreadsheet is ok as well..

# Previous Guilds and reasons for leaving:
                   KOTW-Silvermoon: my newbie guild, however, they don't raid
                   GTK: Great raiding guild, however, I would like to be on an East Coast Server

# Why you are applying to Bloodsworn: Mainly to be able to finish BT and get SWP experience...

# Comments: My main goal is to be surrounded by people that play wow that are not from IL or CA or WA.... I am from MA and would like to be able to know some local people that play