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Bleotch/ Hunter
« on: May 29, 2008, 11:36:58 AM »
Good afternoon Bloodsworn,
I'd like to take a moment to post an application, here is my info:

-In game:  Bleotch/ Hunter/ 70

-Real life:  John Kreuzer, 33 (pronounced like Cruiser)

-I can make 75% of the raiding schedule of M, W, TH, Sun  (I didn't see a time, I'm assuming 8pm server start?)

-I am assuming the attunements are no longer part of the application requirements, I play 2 mains essentially, and was not attuned on Bleotch (want to state right away that if accepted this will be my main- immediately)

-I possess all the heroic keys and mgt attunement

-Previous raiding experience:  Kara (ugh), Gruul & Magtheridon, All bosses in SSC (but we haven't killed Vashj yet, only attempts), First 2 bosses in Mount Hyjal.  Unfortunately, no Sunwell, BT, or Tempest Keep experience.

-     This is a link to my wow armory
My current talent build is 7/48/6 MM, would be willing to respec survival if required for raiding.  Not all of my gear is maxed with enchants, that can be corrected in about 15 minutes and I'll probably do it tonight

-For most one man bosses, keep scorpid sting up at all times, arcane shot & multi shot whenever available, when not, steady shot

- I was away from the game for a bit on a Naval deployment (out now), and when I came back hooked up in Imortal Knights shortly after TBC release.  That guild disbanded and quite a few of us went to Novus Pactum.  Poor looting system and guild management were my reasons for leaving NP.  I then joined up with the old crew from Immortal Knights in LWW.  I left LWW because they were unwilling to start raiding 25 man instances, and I had had my fill of Karazan only.  I then went to Prestige which has actually been really good for me and I've enjoyed my time there and am still currently there.  However, I haven't been able to crack the "in" crowd and get in the 25 due to available slots open and guild politics.  I have a friend in Bloodsworn, Octavian, so I checked out your website and saw you had a hunter slot open, and would like to see if I would be a fit here at Bloodsworn.

-I can be a bit long winded, but I like to expalin myself, I apologize in advance :)  Things I do as a player:  sacrifice 2 seconds of dps to feign death, pass on loot I want when someone else needs it more, take constructive criticism, come ready to raid, and am willing to follow instructions and not go off on independent ops.  I never did get to raid BWL or Naxx, I don't want move on to the expansion without kicking Sunwell, BT & TK and finishing Hyjal.  I've worked too hard and invested too much time to not see this game through to the end, I believe I have a shot to do it with you all.  If accepted as a recruit, Bleotch would leave the guild I'm in immediately, and so if accepted to Bloodsworn, my other characters would leave as well if that is required.  I would not raid with any of my alts on any of your raiding nights, there would be no conflict of interest if left behind.

I guess that's about it, thank you for your consideration.