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70 Hunter... Boomerz
« on: April 20, 2008, 03:13:33 PM »
    * In-Game Name: Boomerz
    * In-Game Class: Hunter
    * In-Game Level: 70
    * Real Name: Natan
    * Real Age: 17
    * Are you able to make our raiding schedule? [M, W, Th, Sun -> 7:45-12:00] : Yes
    * Attunement to Hyjal (Do you have your Vashj/ Kael vial): I dont have both... but thankfully its not needed anymore =)
    * Heroic Keys: I have all of them =)
    * Previous Raiding experience: SSC 6/6 TK 3/4 Vashj and Kael are undescribable... hehe
    * List/Link current gear: Also, I have bought the Belt of The Black Eagle so not all of that is up-to date =)
    * Explain briefly the reasons behind your current gear choices.  And why you have selected your current talent build: Currently my talent build is 7/45/9.... meant for raiding my gear choices are currently like this to try and keep as much agility, attack power, and DPS as high as it can be.
    * For DPS classes: What is your normal dps rotation during a boss fight? Steady shot, Kill command, Arcane shot, steady shot, kill command, arcane shot etc....
    * Previous Guilds and reasons for leaving: Shadow Ravens, Too slow of progression.... Epiphany, good guild, strong progression, just not the guild for me....
    * Why you are applying to Bloodsworn: Because I'd like to be given a shot to show you guys what I can do and hopefully join the team =)
    * Comments: Hope to hear back soon =) Also a good friend of mine Venomaxle is in Bloodsworn =)