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Raaven, Hunter, 100, Surv/BM



* In-Game Name: Raaven
* In-Game Class: Hunter
* In-Game Level: 100
* Previous Raiding experience: Began raiding in 2007 with my former Guild “Unity” (Now Cataclysm).  Mostly 10-man; BC, WotLK, Some Cat
* List/Link current gear: Raaven@kargath …
* Please list your top 2 gear upgrades and why they are valuable: Axeclaw Spaulders of the Decimator & Axeclaw Guantlets of the Quickblade; Of course the Dex & Stamina are vital, but between the two of them I get some decent Multistike and versatility bonuses
* Why did you choose your class? What are your class' strengths and weaknesses? : In every RPG I have ever played, I have preferred a traditional ranged attack class (Hunter/Ranger).  It is a matter of relatability (new word) for me.  I do not play just to be the best, I play to enjoy.  Strengths; in my past raiding years, I have always been able to rank high in DPS, but the crowd control perks were always c ritical as well.  Weaknesses; Avoiding the typical Huntard mistakes, growl, pack, pet control, etc.  Also the constant OP/Nerf balance tweaks between the specs.
* Explain briefly the reasons behind your current gear choices.  And why you have selected your current talent build:  Not a lot of science to the recent gear items as I have been working primarily on leveling & gearing up for content.  I am currently dual-spec Sv/BM, but honestly it is a hold-over for me from days gone by.  Looking at flipping Sv for MM perhaps for Raiding.  I prefer BM for all my PVE, leveling, missions work because my pet holds agro well.
* For DPS and Tanking classes: What is your normal rotation/ priority list during a boss fight? : SV; Explosive, Black Arrow, Glaive, Arcane. Cobra … BM; Focus, Kill S, Kill C, Glaive, Arcane, Cobra … Cooldowns; Dire Beast & either stampede or Bestial wrath accordingly
* What are your favorite websites/spreadsheets for theorycrafting and raid strategies? : A mix of many; Icy-Veins, MaxDPS, Petopia, WOWHead, WOWWiki, etc.
* Please link any combatlog parses, World of Logs, etc:
* Previous Guilds and reasons for leaving: Unity/Cataclysm … Most of them have been AFK for Months to years … time to move on and find a more active guild.  Remain friendly with dozens of my old guildies
* Why you are applying to Bloodsworn:  Bloodsworn has been around for about as long as I can remember.  Appears to have remained active over the years.  I did on occasion do some random Heroics with some Bloodsworn and felt good about the experience.  Bloodsworn has always been my first alternative choice for when this time came.
* Comments:  I am hoping to establish a great long-lasting relationship with my new guildies and so I am turning down random invites daily in hopes of hearing back from you. Hope to hear back from you soon!

Hello Raaven,

Statty here!  Add me to your friends list in game and give me a whisper. 

I loved your application, but you really need to hit up Tanaan Jungle to up that gear.  I personally made a druid alt and it's at ilvl 693 after a week.  With your current ilvl, there is no way you could do Mythic content, which is where we currently are.  Even a heroic carry would be questionable!

As I said though, whisper me in game and I can go over realistic expectations with you.



Thanks for the feedback Statty.  I should have mentioned that I was under-geared still.  My hope was to catch on, continue to gear up and hopefully join some runs once I am geared up.  Mostly looking to start connecting with some new guildies.

I would look you up online ... Thank you!



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