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Onus 100 Warrior - Fury
« on: April 08, 2015, 08:27:51 PM »
  • In-Game Name: Onus
  • In-Game Class: Warrior
  • In-Game Level: 100
  • Previous Raiding experience: Current Tier Raids, I've cleared Highmaul on Heroic, and am currently 9/10 in Blackrock Foundry in Normal Mode, and 8/10 in Heroic. I took a break from WoW during Pandaria due to school and work, and since coming back for Warlords of Draenor, I've caught up on current raid strategies and requirements, along with the changes to my class, and I still have the most fun playing my warrior over other classes.
  • List/Link current gear:
  • Please list your top 2 gear upgrades and why they are valuable: Right now, the two pieces I need the most are Weapon Upgrades such as Tamer's Terrible Spine from Heroic Gruul, and the Tier piece from Blast Furnace or Flamebender Ka'graz for my 4-piece set bonus.
  • Why did you choose your class? What are your class' strengths and weaknesses? : I've been playing since vanilla and Onus was my very first character. I've played each expansion with every change to warriors, from stance dancing, to fury/arms hybrid to overpower spamming and the introduction of titan's grip. Although I have a good amount of alts, I have had the most fun playing my warrior due to the sheer versatility and flexibility the class has to offer in raids. No matter the changes, warriors find a role to thrive in. I've got experience in all 3 specs and right now Single-Minded Fury is the most fun. I love having a macro titled "KILL ALL THE THINGS!" which is basically an Insta-kill button, and the rotations for both AoE and single target boss fights are fast-paced, even though they're heavily reliant on procs. I never feel like there is any downtime in my rotation, even when I dont have rage for abilities, because I still have abilities and uses outside of rage consumption, like Rallying Cry/Vigilance for super "Oh Sh@!" moments. The main weakness of fury is that my rotation is incredibly reliant on procs for Execute, Raging Blow, and the Wild Strikes. If Bloodthirst doesn't proc Raging Blow, that's a loss of damage without the 20% enrage buff, not to mention the flat damage from Executes and Wild Strikes.
  • Explain briefly the reasons behind your current gear choices.  And why you have selected your current talent build: My gear choice is based on the Best in Slot list from Icy Veins. I focus on Critical Strike, Multistrike, and Mastery mostly. My talent build changes for each fight. If the bosses are by themselves, I focus more on Single Target talents, like Storm Bolt, Avatar, and Anger Management. If the bosses have a lot of adds, like Beastlord for example, I grab Bladestorm, Ravager, and Dragon's Roar. From fighting more and more bosses, I've started to prefer Avatar over bloodbath as it requires less monitoring and is the same dps in most situations. The same can be said for Anger Management over Siegebreaker. Not worrying about as many cooldowns makes my job easier.
  • For DPS and Tanking classes: What is your normal rotation/ priority list during a boss fight? : I always use my abilities together with as many damage procs as I can. Enrage is the most important, so I try not to use any Executes or damaging abilities until Bloodthirst procs the Enrage buff. Execute is highest on my priorities in case another auto-attack after it procs it again. After that is Raging Blow and Wild Strike procs, for the same reason as Execute. When I have a lot of rage, I use Wild Strike to dump rage.  Whenever needed, I use short cooldowns like Avatar for bursts of damage. An AoE or cleave rotation is essentially the same, except I dump rage with Whirlwind to also allow Raging Blow to hit more people, and I use my AoE cooldowns instead of single target cooldowns.
  • What are your favorite websites/spreadsheets for theorycrafting and raid strategies? : As far as theorycrafting, I usually just run numbers myself in-game for possible changes in dps. I know the simulation websites are getting more and more advanced, but I mostly go by my own knowledge about my class. As far as raid strategies, I use Icy Veins for all boss fights, because they get most of their data from running their own simulations, it's been around for so long, and I trust their videos and reasoning for specific strategies.
  • Please link any combatlog parses, World of Logs, etc:
  • Previous Guilds and reasons for leaving: I am currently a member of Sleep Walkers, and the reason I'm looking for another guild is due to recent loss of motivation in the leadership. A good amount of members have been leaving, and our attendance was always random, so the leadership has put a hold on raids. As a guild, I don't think we've raided in almost a month.
  • Why you are applying to Bloodsworn: Bloodsworn is currently ranked 4th on our server, and when Sleep Walkers was still active, we were 9th at our peak. I'm applying to Bloodsworn because Mythic fights will be a great challenge, and I know I'd still have a blast with the progression.
  • Comments: I'm really good at this game.
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