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Sinj 90 Rogue - Assassination
« on: January 05, 2014, 11:19:19 PM »
In-Game Name: Sinj
In-Game Class: Rogue
In-Game Level: 90

Previous Raiding Experience:  I joined my first serious raiding guild in late Burning Crusade, it went by the name <Avengers Wrath> and is now deserted. I was the guild's main tank when we started raiding Karazhan. Our first run went shockingly well; we cleared up to The Curator and had a minimal amount of wipes. Sometime after clearing it, we had Kara, Gruul's and Mag's on farm and we were working our way up to doing Zul'Aman. But alas, our first attempt there ended in what we called a "Gong Wipe". However, raid attendance was somewhat lacking and WotLK was just around the corner, so we never cleared it.

My next experience was in ICC after taking a long break from the game due to RL issues. My former guildies had moved on to <Meridian> and were doing great ! (I briefly joined the guild, but left because I felt like unwanted baggage, seeing as I was severely undergeared compared to the main raiding group) I met a friend who also played WoW and then we joined a guild called < Liquor Cabinet Raiders > in Wrath and started raiding ICC together. I must say, that was the best time I had in this game. Our guild was doing fantastic and the people were hilarious. By the end of WotLK my warrior was fully geared in 10-man ICC tanking gear and it felt great !

Sadly, that is where my raiding tales end. I felt very disappointed with the state of raiding in Cataclysm so I never bothered doing any content. But alas, now I am playing my rogue and want to get back into that juicy, meaty part of the game!

List/Link current gear:

  Please list your top 2 gear upgrades and why they are valuable

1. Assurance of Consequence (iLvl 536) : This one was easy, the 33% reduced cooldown of six of my major abilities is incredibly useful. This means my Vendetta and Shadow Blades have more up-time, so more burst for me!

2. Nazgrim's Gutripper (iLvl 532) : Great Melee DPS dagger. I have yet to obtain another off-hand dagger from LFR, but hope to do so very soon. As an assassination rogue, white melee damage constitutes a big chunk of my DPS, so obviously this is an important upgrade. Also, considering this is in my main hand weapon slot, enormous Dispatch crits !!

Why did you choose your class? What are your classes' strengths and weaknesses? :

  Oh man, I could go on forever about this. Well, I made a rogue because I knew they were a fast-hitting class, I also adored the "dark" and "brooding" themes associated with it. As well as the fact that they can sneak by unseen in PVP. The play style matches my personality with "adaptability", "reflexes" and "speed" being the name of the game. The assassination rogue excels at literally dispatching single target enemies and quickly moving on to the next foe, they scale incredibly well with gear and are just SO fun to play ! (Seriously, if you don't have one, you should!) They are somewhat lacking in AoE though. Another down side is that newcomers will quickly find themselves energy starved as this is a surgically precise and methodical class, only players who have polished up on their energy and CP management skills will thrive. Luckily, this class gets much easier as you gain more gear. I also find Assassination Rogues to be a lot more flexible than other Melee DPS classes, for example the Enhancement Shamans.

  Explain briefly the reasons behind your current gear choices. And why you have selected your current talent build:

 Reforging to attain that 7.5% hit and expertise cap is a no brainer, but overall I try to keep a nice balance between Haste and Mastery as my secondary stats (With a slight preference towards Mastery). It is an overlooked fact that Haste increases your energy regeneration which is a huge leg up man, being able to fire those Mutilates faster will get you up the damage charts faster than you can say "I should have held back on the Mastery Gems  :P ". I can't ignore that almost ALL of my damage comes from poisons though.

Tier 1 Talent: Shadow Focus . Essentially I picked this talent for the free Ambushes. Straight up DPS increase to Vanish + Ambush mid-fight.

Tier 2 Talent: Combat Readiness. Chose this one for survivability and an easier time doing solo content. Note that it is superior to Nerve Strike, in that it lasts longer.

Tier 3 Talent: Leeching Poison. Same reason as Tier 2. Leeching Poison + Shiv + 5 CP Recuperate is a great way to heal yourself back up if healers are out of range for some reason or the boss is dealing tons of AoE damage.

Tier 4 Talent: Shadowstep. To be honest, I am still torn between this talent and "Cloak and Dagger". On one hand, we have Shadowstep with a 20 sec CD, usable while out of stealth and on teammates, but with a very very short range. On the other, we have Cloak and Dagger with an enormous range (expandable with Glyph of Ambush), only usable in stealth and guarantees always being behind your opponent in combat, as well as having great synergy with Glyph of Stealth ( 2 sec Stealth Cooldown).

Tier 5 Talent: Prey on the Weak. Solo content purposes. Also useful for certain fights like General Nazgrim to take care of the adds.

Tier 6 Talent: Anticipation. Pretty much a must have for every Assassination Rogue, it guarantees that you won't be missing out on the extra CP from Seal Fate and is a good way of setting up burst sequences. I can see some use in "Marked for Death" but it does not cater to my play-style, I prefer passive abilities instead of having another ability to keybind on my mouse/keyboard that I may forget to use.

For DPS and Tanking classes: What is your normal rotation/ priority list during a boss fight? :

 Opener: Stealth > Vendetta > Ambush > Slice and Dice > Mutilate (5 CP) > Rupture > Mutilate (5 CP) > Envenom

 Priorities: Keeping up Rupture and by extension, Venomous Wounds on as many targets as possible for the extra energy regeneration > Keeping up Slice and Dice > Avoid overwriting the envenom buff > Stick a few Expose Armors if necessary. Shadow Blades on Heroism and/or burn phase > Vanish on CD > Be at bosses' back and in melee range > Don't stand in fire. Yeah.

  What are your favorite websites/spreadsheets for theorycrafting and raid strategies? :

 I don't do that. Is that bad? I'll check FatBossTV on YouTube for guides and raid strategies or figure it out in the Dungeon Journal. I am studying Mechanical Engineering in College, I have enough Math to do, so please bare with me. Link to FatBossTV: ]

  Please link any combatlog parses, World of Logs, etc:

Negative, I do not posses the data you speak of. If these are add ons that must be downloaded then please instruct me to do so via PM or in-game mail, or even in this thread.

  Previous Guilds and reasons for leaving: I am currently in <Jesus and the Dinosaurs> . It is a casual guild but I am planning to joining a raiding guild, hopefully yours. No negative things to say about it, I just need  to move on with the game. And all the previous serious raiding guilds I have been in have been covered in the raid experience section, see above for more details.

  Why you are applying to Bloodsworn:

I would like to get back into raiding and am looking to receive an experience similar to the one I had in WotLK. I'd love to be an asset to any one of your raiding teams, and I am a dedicated member. I have been complimented on my kindness in guilds before, and to be quite sincere, I enjoy helping guildies out more than anything else. It might seem like I'm saying this to make my resume look sweet but I am not, it is with utmost honesty that I submit this canditature to you, dear GMs.

  Comments: Thank you for taking the time to read my application and if you have any questions, I am available on Skype and in-game to answer all of them.
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Re: Sinj 90 Rogue - Assassination
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Hi Sinj,

I've sent you a PM via our forums. Have a look!