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Unicornpower - Destro Warlock
« on: April 20, 2008, 04:27:10 PM »
    * In-Game Name: Unicornpower, alts = Applesnapple and Refridgeron
    * In-Game Class: Warlock
    * In-Game Level: 70
    * Real Name: Kevin
    * Real Age: 20
    * Are you able to make our raiding schedule? [M, W, Th, Sun -> 7:45-12:00] : Yes, should be able to make 90% at least.
    * Attunement to Hyjal (Do you have your Vashj/ Kael vial): Have Kael vial, but it doesn't matter much now.
    * Heroic Keys: All
    * Previous Raiding experience: Raided last summer through early SSC/TK, the guild broke up and i was starting to get better at pvp (1700s then).  After it died out, i just quit raiding and focused on pvp since.  I got my kael vial though from a guild that i was going to join, but then suddenly they decided they did not want to get my vashj vial so it fell through.
    * List/Link current gear:
    * Explain briefly the reasons behind your current gear choices.  And why you have selected your current talent build: Clearly currently I am pvp based both spec and gear, but i have offsets of the pvp gear socketed for raiding already so i can pull in some more crit/damage (although still terribly low on hit, ~80).
    * For DPS classes: What is your normal dps rotation during a boss fight? If destruction, I just refresh the curse i am told to put up, and spam shadowbolt.  If affliction (more useful for raid buffs), I do something like curse > UA > corr > SL > SB > SB > SB > UA > corr and repeat while simply refreshing each debuff that drops.
    * Previous Guilds and reasons for leaving: None on this server, and I have not left any guilds, simply seen them fall apart.
    * Why you are applying to Bloodsworn: I really feel like I am missing out on pve content and I missed out on a lot of level 60 content too because I quit the game for a while since i was never very hardcore back then.  I just have a lot more time on my hands nowadays so I believe i can juggle both pvp and pve and have fun with both.  I have always primarily liked clearing new content in raiding but i cannot stand incompetent players which is why I am applying to a top end guild. 
    * Comments: If you guys feel brave enough to take a chance on me and help me out with some gear, I know i will be a great addition to your dps for sunwell and later raids.  Also I feel as though pvp skill does in fact carry over to pve.  In pvp i do a lot of micro management with keeping up dots, curses, fears, and helping people stay alive even though I cannot heal.  I feel like mostly the micro management part that I have to do will help me do similar things in raids to improve overall raid dps.
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