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Mucho Congratulations

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Hey guys, Long time no see.......while perusing the armory this morning i noticed you guys got 3 drakes last night, Grats guys. Im hoping that tonight I can get my title as well. Oh and the drake would be nice.....I would of bet money that Falos would get the mount.....

Hope things continue to go well for you guys into Ulduar. See ya around.

Marx! <3 Thanks for the congrats and good luck in OS tonight.

And ya Falos would have none of us getting that, he rolled 100 lawl

Hey Ecc!! <3

Ty, hoping we wont need it, but as the last few weeks can attest...we need all the luck we can get  :P

Not enough that he has tony the tiger, now the first twilight drake...sheesh... j/k <3 the crazy pirate viking warrior

Ps....didnt you have a deviant art site Ecc? or am i thinking of someone else?

Marx!! What up?  Where u playin now?

I do have a DA account though I don't use it anymore really. :p

Here's the link:


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